Fantasy EPL GW2 Recap and GW3 Algo Recommendations (2023–24)

Current rank 1.8M — Top 20% in the World (team_id: 1458482)

Dilyan Kovachev
10 min readAug 25, 2023

If this is the first time you land on one of our Fantasy EPL Blogs, you might want to check out some of our original blogs in my Medium archives to get familiar with our overall approach and the improvements we’ve made to the captain/team recommender algorithm over time.

Top 100 Managers FPL Team Stats for GW2

The Top 100 Managers in the World had a VERY high AVG score of 89pts, with a good amount of top players scoring in the 80–100pt range. So, if you scored 80pts+ you should feel pretty good about your performance.

Most Selected Player Combo by Top 100 Managers

We used the data for most selected players for each position by the Top100 managers to create the hybrid team below:

Top 100 Team Formations



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